Terms and Conditions.

Below are the terms of service when using Index Web Designs to create your website.

Any offers displayed on the price pages are subject to terms and conditions listed below.
Offers may be introductory for new items or a for a limited time. All offers will be display this information but Index Web Designs reserve the right to withdraw these offers at any time. Offers are limited to one per site / order. Offers will be limited to new or existing customers and will be explained on the page were the offer is located. Offers are subject to acceptance by Index Web Designs and our payment partners. Index Web Designs reserve the right to refuse a promotional offer to certain clients. This may be down to previous history or our doubts over your website. This may be done after payment, if so the client may be entitled to a refund. However if we refuse you service due to a outstanding amount, any amount paid for a refused product will be taken towards the debt owed.

When purchasing plans from Index Web Designs the following conditions will apply
Up on payment via our partners the client has two weeks to respond to emails sent by Index Web Designs to finalize details on the site or management plan purchased. This will include design and content. If after 14 days the client has failed to complete this action the order will be placed on hold for a further 14 days for refund. If after 28 days the order is still incomplete Index Web Designs will cancel the deal and no refund will be available to the client. Design on certain package is the responsibility of the client and will remain their intellectual property, however once transferred into code and the website is developed the sites coding will be the property of Index Web Designs. If the design of the site is done by ourselves, Index Web Designs, then that design will be the property of Index Web Designs and cannot be implemented by any other company. If you take our design to any other company you will void yourself of any right to refund and may face legal action for illegal use of our intellectual property. Third party services such as Cubecart when taking a E-commerce package, remain the property of the Third Party and use is subject to their own Terms and Conditions. If after the website is complete you are not happy with the website you may be entitled to a refund. If it is 14 days after purchase you will receive a full refund minus the cost for your Domain Name. If it is after 14 days you will receive a credit voucher to use with our payment partner Google Wallet for the full amount minus the cost of your domain name and hosting. This will only be done if we cannot reach an agreement to create a finished product. Your completed website will be showcased in our Portfolio automatically unless you contact us before hand expressing wishes for it not to do so.

Management Fees
Management is offered to update your site and keep the site working. Index Web Designs cannot be held responsible if there is a delay between a Web Browser updating and the correction of your site to show properly in the browser. All contents i.e item description is the responsibility of the user. We will only alter the site with information provided by the client. Index Web Design cannot be held responsible for any products listed on a clients website whether we are managing or not. This includes any counterfeit goods. The management fee is paid one month, six months or one year in advance. This is done on a standing order basis and is the responsibility of the client to set up the standing order. Should Index Web Designs not receive payment after the initial amount in advance then we will immediately suspend management from the day the fee is due. Index Web Designs will provide you with the necessary bank details up on purchasing the management service. The management service is designed to help you. However if necessary Index Web Designs will withdraw service after a series of 3 warnings (if found appropriate we will withdraw it without warning). If your service is withdrawn due to the clients behavior the client will not be entitled to a refund.

Social Networking
Index Web Designs can only be held responsible for the creation and integrating of the requested Social Media networks made by the client. Management can include Social Networking for the client however this will be done using content provided by the client. The client is responsible to maintain the Social Network sites including removing profanity and any other undue material. Unless on a management package Index Web Designs cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur with widgets and links caused by the Social Network changing their coding.

In order for us to redesign your website you must a) Own the website b) Own sufficient hosting c) Own the domain name. If any of the aforementioned are not correct at time of purchasing Index Web Designs reserve the right to request appropriate amounts to rectify the issue or terminate our agreement with out full refund. We are more than happy to discuss any problems in advance and therefore responsibility is left with the client.

Website content
Index Web Designs require upfront confirmation of the sites content before we agree to the order. We will let you know in advance if we have a problem with the nature of the site.

Up on purchasing a package with us you agree to let Index Web Designs purchase hosting, domain names, third party software in your name. This is only in relation to your website and not for anything else. You may not act as Index Web Designs nor copy any of our content. If anyone is found to have been doing this we will pursue to get the correct actions taken, possibly resulting in a Court of Law. The price of the package agreed is depending on domain name. Domain names are typically registered for one - two years and up on expiry will need renewing. If you take out a management plan Index Web Designs will remind you when this is due. If you do not take out a plan then Index Web Designs cannot be held responsible if your Domain name expires and your site goes offline. From time to time we may have to request further payment for a domain name depending on what you choose and business type. This will be done in advance when you tell us your desired name.


Payment is made via our partners Google Wallet and Paypal. If you make a payment and it does not reach ourselves but leaves the appropriate account, then please contact both ourselves and if appropriate the partner you chose to pay with. We will do our best to help however we cannot be held responsible for errors made by the payment partner. No terms and conditions on this website counter act our payment partners. Links to their terms and conditions can be found below.

Google Wallet Terms and Conditions

Paypal Terms and Conditions

Third Party
Index Web Designs may use third party applications such as Cubecart. Our terms & Paypal Terms and Conditions work along side the Third Parties terms and in now way replace them.

Hosting and Domain Names
We purchase hosting and Domain names on your behalf. Again as per Third Party, they will have their own Terms and Conditions. We will work closely with yourselves in order to ensure your site does not break their Terms and Conditions. All notes for hosting and domain names are kept on file and can be requested by yourselves at any time you have a active account with us.

Changes of our Terms

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time. These conditions are correct as of 31/04/13.


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